Covid-19 has forced the world to adapt and change the way we do things to ensure everyone’s safety and in particular those vulnerable people who are shielding. 

At Good Wills we have always offered our clients telephone and video appointments although face-to-face meetings has been the preference for the majority in the past, this has had to change recently and we must be prepared for these changes to be in force for some time. 

In light of the current climate, it has never been more important to ensure that your affairs are in order, not only for your peace of mind but for that of your family. 

Therefore, our standard practice has been changed and as such, all initial appointments will now be carried out by telephone or video appointment, until it is safe to visit again. 

When we are no longer in lockdown conditions, you are free to visit us at our office, where gloves and masks will be worn, and meetings held at a safe distance. 

Where draft documents are required for approval, we will continue to send these documents by e-mail or post. 

If a video appointment has been arranged for us to take instructions for Lasting Power of Attorneys, we are able to continue to act as the Certificate Provider to certify you are of sound mind. 

Signing your documents

Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys are still required to be signed in the presence of witnesses.  This must continue to be done in person for Lasting Power of Attorneys although new law has been passed to allow remote witnessing of Wills during the pandemic.  However, we advise that this should only be done where absolutely necessary and it is best to get the documents signed again once things return to normal. 

When final documents are ready to be signed, one of our staff will still be able to attend a ‘door step’ signing (or at the office at a safe distance when we are allowed again), alternatively we can send the documents to you with instructions on signing and you can arrange your own witnesses. 

If original signed documents are not being stored with us we would continue to urge you to send us a scan of them once signed so we can ensure they have been executed correctly and are therefore valid. 

We thank you for your understanding at this unprecedented time.