Your Will is one of the most important documents you will make.  The signed original Will is the only one that is certain to be accepted for Probate which enables your Executors to distribute your assets in accordance with your Will. 

If your original signed Will is lost or destroyed then a new Will should be prepared and signed.  We therefore strongly recommend that your Will is stored in a fire resistant, flood-proof safe which is locked.  It is very important to ensure your Executors are aware of its location so it can be retrieved when the time comes. 

We offer our customers Will storage at a cost of £24.00 per person, or £42.00 for a couple, annually which is taken by direct debit. 

If we store your Will we would, with your permission, write to your Executors to advise them that we are holding the original and this letter is accompanied by a storage certificate and a list of their role and responsibilities so they know what is expected of them when the time comes. 

The Wills we store are released to your Executors provided the request is made in writing (letter or e-mail) and accompanied by their ID documents and your death certificate. 

Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs)

If an original registered LPA is lost or destroyed, and no certified copies were made, it is possible to request office copies from the Office of the Public Guardian (the OPG) but this is not ideal.  The OPG will want to know the reason the original cannot be located and they will charge £35.00 per copy.  In addition, it can take several weeks for them to send it. 

In order to avoid this you can store your LPAs in our storage facility.  The cost is £24.00 per person annually.  If you are already storing your Will with us we will not charge additional costs for storing your LPA documents as well. 

Funeral plans, Trust Deeds and other documents

We are happy to store any documents we arrange or prepare for you.  If you are already paying for storage then no additional fee will usually apply unless there are many additional documents (we do not store house Deeds).  Otherwise we charge £24.00 per person, annually. 

We will never increase the amount you pay once your direct debit has been set up and you are free to retrieve your documents and cancel your storage at any time. 

Setting up storage

Please print and complete the storage application and the direct debit forms.  Note that one set of forms can be completed for a couple.  These should be sent to us with the documents you wish to store (secure post is strongly recommended). 

Note that the direct debit reference on your bank statement will say ‘Will storage’ regardless of the document(s) we are storing for you.