PRE-ARRANGING YOUR FUNERAL – Pre-paid funeral plans

It goes without saying that losing a loved-one is an incredibly stressful and emotional time, with considerations such as funeral expenses often causing further concern and stress. 

Once again there has been a rise in the overall cost of dying, now up to £9,493 – an increase of £289 since 2018, the highest it has ever been. 

Over recent years there has been huge coverage in the media about funeral costs, which, for the last two decades, have consistently risen far in excess of the annual rate of inflation. Average funeral costs have increased from £2,497 in 2004 to £4,417 today – a huge increase*. 

Taking out a pre-paid funeral plan fixes the cost of the funeral director’s fees and services at today’s prices, meaning whatever they cost in the future, there will never be anything additional for your family or estate to have to pay towards them.  Some plans include disbursements (these are third party cost above and beyond the funeral director’s fees) which aim to cover these.  There are two providers in the market who offer guaranteed plans so there really isn’t anything to pay when the time comes.

In the current period of low interest rates, many people now see the huge benefit in ‘investing’ capital into a pre-paid funeral plan instead of conventional savings accounts, given they’re a far more effective and robust means of budgeting for what is, alongside taxes, life’s only inevitable expense.

In addition to helping your loved-ones in the financial sense, taking out a funeral plan also allows you to dictate the precise format of a funeral, thus alleviating any uncertainty amongst those left behind as to what you’d like the service to include.

At Good Wills we work with Best Funeral Plans who offer independent advice and that allows us to offer plans with the majority of providers across the market to ensure we find the best plan to suit your requirements and needs. 

If you would like more information please let us know and we will ask you a few simple questions in order to find the best plan provider for you and then send you the brochure(s) with options and costs. 

*Figures taken from Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2020.


*Vouchers will be sent once the cancellation period has expired and voucher amount is £50.00 for Direct Cremations

What Questions should you be asking when arranging your funeral? 

Here is a handy guide of the questions you should be asking when pre-arranging your funeral. 

Q1       Can the funeral plan provider guarantee the quality of the funeral service? 

Q2       What services are specifically included in the funeral plan and what costs are not covered? 

Q3       Can the funeral plan provider guarantee the cost of the funeral? 

Q4       Does the price guarantee remain in place if you move to a new home or need to change funeral director in the future, or will additional fees apply?

Q5       Where will your money be held until it is needed? 

Q6       Can you pay in a way that suits your budget?  For example, monthly instalments or in one lump sum? 

Q7       If you need to cancel your plan for any reason, can you get your money back? 

Q8       What does the plan include for burial funerals? 

Q9       What happens if you die abroad or away from home?